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Escort tours in 2018

Escort tours in 2018 will be offered in several major cities across Europe. Dating The Exclusive is an international escort agency and we are offering exclusive VIP escort services all over Europe and rest of the world. Our elite escort models and VIP escorts are well travelled young ladies and they have friends all over the world. This is why we decided to organize in 2018 escort tours in major cities such as Brussels, London, Geneva, Vienna, Monaco, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milano, Copenhagen and many more. Have you seen a stunning escort model on our website but she is not based in your country and therefore you have to book her for minimum 12 hours? You don’t have time to book her for 12 hours? Well then now we have a solution for you. You can contact us to let us know your e-mail address (or phone number) and we will let you know when we have escort models coming to your city!

Are you worried about your privacy? We are a team of professionals with more then 17 years experience in the escort business. If you are worried someone could read our e-mail or text message then we can contact you with our private e-mail (or phone) with the message “Hey, I have good news. Please call me back. Cheers Sebastien”…only after you call us back we will provide you with the information regarding the escort models on tour. In this way if someone from your relatives or co-workers read our e-mail or text message, they will never guess what it is about. And by calling us back we can verify your voice and know it is you who is speaking. If we receive a text message back asking for the information, we will not give it until you personally call us.

By offering escort tours we are offering both our elite escorts and our clients a solution to get the best deal. For example if we have one of our escort models visiting London for shopping, she can at the same time also meet with a client with whom she can go out for a dinner, drink and much more. But also our client benefits from this occasion because he can meet someone special and invite her for a few hours instead for an overnight (what also makes him save the money for the flight ticket).

Would you like to stay up to date regarding the upcoming escort tours? Please feel free to contact us by using the contact page.

We would also like to use this opportunity to inform you about our Escort Eva on tour in Brussels from 11th of January till 14th of January. We have also several other escort tours in Brussels planned for this month!